Company name :Song Hong Construction Joint Stock Company
Trading name : Song Hong Construction JSC
Abbreviate : INCOMEX
Stock code : ICG
Representer : Pham Hung
Position : General Director
Head office: 164 Lo Duc - Dong Mac Ward - Hai Ba Trung Disctrict - Hanoi.
Phone number : 04. 3972 7296
Fax number : 04. 3972 7295
Business Registration Certificate number: 0103011599
Primary business sectors:
- Real estate investment and trading (with property ownership or renting); real estate brokerage and auction (not included real estate consultation services).
- Construction of civil, industrial, transportation, irrigation, infrastructure, underground projects; construction of power systems and power projects, telecommunication and other technical projects.
- Investment and trading in hotel, restaurant, dining business and other travel businesses (not included the bar, club, karaoke business).



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