Song Hong Construction JSC (INCOMEX) is a State-owned enterprise directly under Song Hong Corporation. INCOMEX was privatized in 2006 under the Decision of the Ministry of Construction, and is currently the Associate of PetroVietnam Construction JSC (PVC).
Under the management of the Board of Management, together with the unanimity of the shareholders, the company had increased its charter capital from 10 billion dong to 150 billion dong. The financial contribution came from the strategic partners which are business groups, banks, large corporations such as PetroVietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PVN), Hansin Group (Korea), Song Hong Corporation, Ocean Bank, etc.
With the orientation of diversifying the business activities, INCOMEX has lots of experience and potential in the fields of investment; real-estate trading; real-estate brokerage and auction; project management; design consultation of various project types; construction of civil, industrial, transportation, irrigational projects; trading of civil, industrial equipments and building materials, etc.
Considering human resources the solid foundation for the sustainable development, INCOMEX has recruited and trained a highly experienced, motivated workforce with good technical skills. INCOMEX also applied the Quality Control system in accordance with ISO 9001-2000. INCOMEX is on the way to complete the organization structure to meet the development demand of the new period. INCOMEX together with its partners and subisidiaries have been creating a strong brand and position in the domestic as well as foreign market.
With the existing capability, INCOMEX's principles are “Respect and consider the benefits of clients, partners and sharesholders as our interests” and always “self-renovate, welcome the opportunity, achieve success”.  

                                                                                                                                                                                       Chairman of the Board
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