Zone B Kim Lien Apartment Building Rehabilitation Project

- Incomex is the pioneer in executing socialization policy of demolishing and reconstructing old buildings, thereby provides better living conditions by offering modern equipments, comprehensive infrastructure and spacious residential areas.
- The rehabilitation project of old apartment building in Zone B Kim Lien Collective Quarter, Dong Da District, Hanoi with the land area of 5.3 hectares will execute phase I, which consists of B4 and B14 residentail blocks.
+ B4 block, which includes 14-storey and 17-storey buildings, has been handed over and put into service.
+ B14 block, which includes 21-storey and 24-storey buildings, is under construction and is expected to be handed over and put into service early 2012

Hang Da Trade center Project

As a pioneer in implementing the socialization policy of demolishing and reconstructing the old system of Hanoi markets, Incomex has rebuilt Hang Da Trade Center that allows more than 500 households to come back to do their business. The project is a building of 5 storey and 2 basements, with the total floor area of more than 20,000 sq.m. This is a project in celebration of Thang Long Millennium.

Xuan La Trade Centre Project

Situated at Xuan La road, the Western administrative center of Hanoi West Lake, Xuan La Trace Center is a Commercial - Market - Supermarket - Rental Office project, with total area of 20,000 sq.m. The building is expected to be in use by 2012

Khuong Dinh Trade Center Project

Constructed on the erea of the old Khuong Dinh Market, Khuong Dinh Trade Center project will create a modern trade center and provide Thanh Xuan District with a modern trade center built on 7,500 sq.m. The center consisting of 18 storey and 2 basements has been invested more than 500 billion VND.

Bien Bac Apartment Building Project

This is the first project that Incomex is the investor. The project is a comfort and modern building situated on the bank of Ngoc Khanh Lake. It was completed in 2007 and has brought its residents high level of satisfaction.